m  a  t  g  e  n
What is it?
Matgen is a command line matrix generator. It uses an input file describing the features of the matrix and writes it to stdout as an ASCII formatted stream according to the MatrixMarket file format. It may be quite useful if you need to generate matrices to test solvers or for any other reason. It was written mainly to generate test matrices for a little solver I wrote based on the PETSc library called sysolv.

What type of matrices are supported?
By now matgen supports only random sparse matrices. Follow the links to see some screenshots of matrices generated by matgen and some sample input files. For more detailed information see the docs page.

In what platforms can I use it?
Matgen was developed under Linux. It may compile and run on any UNIX-like system, since it is written in ANSI C as much as possible and uses the GNU configuration tools (automake/autoconf) to configure and build the sources.

Matgen is free software. It is distributed under the terms of the GPL (GNU Publishing License). A copy of this license is included with the source code distribution.